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Deep Troughing for Margin Isolation #5 - Solea Laser

Deep Troughing for Margin Isolation #5 performed by Timothy Anderson, DDS

This case demonstrates how Solea easily enables virtually blood-free soft tissue procedures without anesthesia resulting in better digital impressions for CEREC restorations.

Case Summary: This patient of record presented to the practice with a failing restoration and recurrent decay on tooth #5. The patient stated that he really disliked being numb and wanted to avoid the injection. As can be seen radiographically and in the pre-op photo, the distal restoration was significantly subgingival. No anesthetic was used during the treatment.

Technique Used: The existing composite and decay were removed using Solea. The tooth was prepared for an Emax crown with the Meisinger CEREC Doctors prep kit. Solea was then used to remove adequate tissue for imagining in a clean, bloodless field. No cord was needed and the troughing took less than 15 seconds. The final scan was taken with the CEREC Omnicam. The restoration was designed with CEREC 4.6 Chairside software. The crown was milled, stained and glazed. Crown was then bonded with Variolink Esthetic.

Solea Advantage:

  • Solea enabled the dentist to perform this treatment anesthesia-free.
  • With Solea, the procedure was completed in less than 15 seconds compared to several minutes traditionally.
  • Solea’s ability to precisely and virtually blood-free trough gingiva allowed for an effortless perfect scan.
  • The dentist delivered an impeccable patient experience including not administering anesthetic, a shorter appointment time, and increased patient comfort post operatively.

Results: The key to a successful CEREC same-day restoration is the ability to have smooth clear margins with separation at the time of scanning.  Traditional methods, like retraction cord in a single or two-cord technique, increase procedure time and don’t always deliver predictable outcomes. Solea’s unparalleled precision enabled the dentist to sculpt the tissue for restorative excellence and immediately proceed with definitive restoration. Thus, the Solea and CEREC combination allows for the simplified same day dentistry.

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