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Crown Lengthening (Clinical) #14 by Solea Laser

Crown Lengthening (Clinical) #14 performed by Timothy Anderson, DDS

 This case highlights Solea’s exceptionally clean and precise cutting of soft and osseous tissue that enhances the CEREC’s same day dentistry workflow. 

Case Summary: A 62-year-old male patient presented to the practice with very deep decay to the level of the alveolar crest. Tooth #14 required clinical crown lengthening to restore with a crown. With Solea, performing the surgery and placing the definitive restoration on the same day was possible.

Technique Used: To start, the existing amalgam was removed with a carbide bur. Caries was then removed utilizing Solea. A full coverage crown preparation was completed using Meisinger CEREC Doctors prep kit and an electric handpiece, and some minor troughing was performed to expose margins for a final scan without the need for retraction cord. An Emax crown was designed utilizing the CEREC 4.6 Chairside software and fabricated. Crown lengthening was performed during milling and glazing. A minimally invasive flap was reflected with a periosteal elevator. There was minimal tooth structure coronal to osseous crest on the distal and distal-lingual surfaces. Solea was used to remove and sculpt osseous tissue until there was 2 mm of tooth structure coronal to the bone. Positive bony architecture was maintained. Solea provides unsurpassed precision and clear visualization allowing removal of bone without iatrogenic damage. The final restoration was inserted with SpeedCem Plus self-adhesive resin cement. A single 4-0 chromic gut suture was placed.

Solea Advantage:

  • Solea’s remarkable precision and improved visualization allowed for removal of osseous tissue without iatrogenic damage.
  • Solea enabled complete control of soft and osseous tissue resulting in a very fast and minimally invasive surgical procedure (completed in under 10 minutes with only minimal bleeding).
  • The Solea and CEREC combination allowed the dentist to finish the entire treatment, crown lengthening and the crown itself in the same visit – a true “crown in a day”.
  • The dentist was able to perform this procedure in-house rather than refer it out.
  • The patient was thrilled not only with the esthetic outcome but the speed, comfort, and efficiency, at which the treatment was completed in one visit.
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