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Introducing IPS e.max ZirCAD MT Multi for CEREC®

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IPS e.max ZirCAD MT Multi features a gradual progression of shade and translucency from dentin to incisal, designed to create life-like anterior and posterior single crowns and three unit bridges. With This new material features excellent mechanical properties with a flexural strength value of 850 MPa and a fracture toughness of 3.6 MPa. You now have a chairside zirconia that offers life-like natural esthetics, high strength and is cementable from the brand you trust e.max. If necessary restorations can be customized using IPS e.max crystall shades and stains. IPS e.max ZirCAD MT Multi is available in seven A-D shades, one bleach shade and two sizes C17 and B45.

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Sameer Puri