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Hosted by CEREC experts and respected industry leaders, these engaging video podcasts focus on tools to build your CEREC practice and your team. Take a quiz and receive CE credits!

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A Conversation with the Leaders of Dentsply Sirona on the State of the Dental Industry



One Day Dentistry is More Important Today, Than Ever

As the dental community prepares to open their doors to patients, one day dentistry is more prevalent than ever.


Chairside Aligners in Orthodontics with Dr. Meena Barsoum

After 10 years of trying different aligner systems, Dr. Meena Barsoum shares his thoughts on SureSmile aligner therapy, treatment planning with the digital lab and SureSmile software and how to incorporate into your daily digital workflow.


A Lithium Silicate Revolution for Aesthetic Digital Dentistry

With advancements of material science, stronger and more shade focused millable materials have become available for chairside digital dentistry.


Uncompromised Esthetics through Strength, Application and Indication

The introduction of a highly translucent zirconium-reinforced lithium silicate glass ceramic foundation, supporting average biaxial strengths of over 541Mpa will be presented.


Join the 1%: Deliver Same-Day CEREC Restorations with Unrivaled Esthetics

You'll never look at pre-shaded A2 blocks again!


Introduction to the Katana Zirconia Block

Use of Katana Zirconia Blocks


The Digital Workflow for the OSR (Orthodontic-Surgical-Restorative) Interface

This webinar will show in detail how important the Digital Workflow


Expand Your CEREC® Capabilities with Confidence- New Treatment and Restoration Innovations

You’ve made the investment in CEREC single-visit dentistry but are you taking full advantage?


Ceramic and Cement Choices

Ceramic Materials and What to Cement With


Monthly Podcast - New Digital Implant Workflow for Atlantis Abutments Through Sirona Connect

Sirona Connect 4.5 and Atlantis


Monthly Podcast - Digital Dentistry With Formlabs Desktop 3D Printing

Formlabs' dental expert, Gideon, will help you discover the benefits of desktop SLA 3D Printing with the Formlabs Form 2 printer for different dental applications. This webinar will show how to unlock the value of using digital dentistry techniques to improve cost, outcome, and time to results.


Monthly Podcast - 3-D Printing Primer

Why, How and What of 3-D Printing


Monthly Podcast - CEREC 4.5 Software

In this presentation, 4.5.


Monthly Podcast - Enhance Your Restorations With KATANA Solutions

Learn about Katana Zirconia


Monthly Podcast -3D Endo - Sneak Preview

Dentsply Sirona Endo


Monthly Podcast - If You Build It, Will They Come - My New Office Journey

New Office Journey


Monthly Podcast - SICAT Optisleep - The Digital Solution to Treating Sleep Apnea Mentor Dr. John Pasicznyk will discuss this digital solution in treating this sleep disorder


MENTOR ONLY Podcast - Retirement Investing - A simple strategy to help you sleep at night

Dr. Ernie Johnson discusses ways of timing the market for investing.