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05 Nov 2009

Posted by Mike Skramstad on November 5th, 2009 at 11:52 am
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Please see this discussion forum post for an important patch to Cerec Software Version 3.6. This is something you definitely want to download. Takes care of some very importants bugs in the software: http://www.cerecdoctors.com/ui/ViewforumNew.aspx?ForumID=2930

Anyone start doing cerec-connect yet? I love it. cases have been great. I, like others, have questioned connecting my machine to the evil internet (even though it is probably fine). Here is a 'how to' for those that want to export a connect file to another computer. Just make sure you have cerec connect on your machine. for those that don't yet, go to cerec-connect.com and click on dentist registration. 1) downoad cerec-connect onto the computer you want to send the case from. You will need the cerec connect disc 2) image the case on the machine, make sure it stitches, and draw all margins on the machine. I find that to be easier. Then save it 3) put a thumbdrive into the cerec machine and open it so you can drag the file in later 4) go to my computer>c: drive>program files>CEREC>DATA>and locate the case you just saved and click on that folder 5) There will be 2 files in here. Drag the file named 'restauration.cdt' into the thumbdrive that you opened earlier 6) You can rename the file on the thumbdrive by right clicking and hitting rename 7) Remove the thumbdrive and plug it into the computer you installed connect on 8) open the thumbdrive and find the file you dragged in there. Drag that onto the cerec connect icon and the program will open and you are ready to start filling out your digital RX form Mike Skramstad just uploaded a bunch of videos on CEREC Connect and Buccal Bite: Introducing Cerec Connect Introduction Videos and Buccal Bite By Mike Skramstad (Adjunct Faculty) Wed Nov 04, 2009 11:05 AM Just wanted to notify everyone that a new section of Cerec Connect videos has been uploaded. These videos will cover the folllowing: 1. Introduction to the Cerec Connect process 2. How to sign up for Cerec Connect 3. How to use the Cerec Connect Portal 4. Bridge case start to finish with Cerec Connect (very detailed) 5. Introduction to buccal bite 6. Full arch articulation using buccal bite. Some of you may be asking, 'what is buccal bite'. This is a brand new feature just introduces last week at the Cerec Symposium. Basically, it allows us to articulate upper and lower arch digital impressions without using bite registration material. Simply have the patient close in centric occlusion and take an image from the straight buccal. This truly is a game changer and one of the best new features in the CEREC software introduced in quite some time. I'm excited for you to watch the videos. Mike
04 Nov 2009

Posted by Peter Gardell on November 4th, 2009 at 10:00 am
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Sitting back cooking an Emax staight forward boring in fact Database # 14. Just told the small filling that was to be during the cook time cancelled. Kid sick Blah Blah Blah... The saving grace of Cerec is I can do that implant restoration that is sitting on my counter. Already have the implant level impression done so time sitting on my butt has turned into productive time. Get the patient in the book for the delivery. Pete